Our Faculty

MISS Jennifer Partland

Director and Principal Instructor

M.B.A.T.D., D.M.A., R.A.D. R.T.S., P.A.E.C.

Jennifer is an accomplished Teacher and Choreographer who has taken the dance world by storm. During her years of training, Jennifer has had the opportunity to compete at a regional and national level across Canada and the United States. 

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MISS Samantha Ippolito

Following many years as an award-winning competitive dancer, Samantha's passion for teaching began to thrive. Determined to provide her students with exceptional training, she chose to further her knowledge by performing with Toronto’s renowned OIP Dance Company.

​MISS Alexandria Ortolan

Alexandria started dancing at the age of 2 1/2 and has loved every minute of it. As her passion for dance grew, she turned to competitive dance and she has never looked back. Alexandria has been fortunate to train with famous choreographers such as...




Deanna started dancing at the age of 3. She fell in love with dance and joined the competitive team a few years later and never looked back. Over the years Deanna had the opportunity to learn from some of the best like Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Brian Freedman, Wade Robson, Jordan Clark, and Blake McGrath....






Guest Choreographers/Teachers

  • Ashley Pividor
  • Zach Burke
  • Samantha Raymond
  • Kristen Maurice
  • Juliana Kelly

upcoming events

  • September 03 2019First Day of Class
  • September 06 2019Competitive Team MeetingTo kick-off our 2019 Competitive Season, all Competitive parents and students must attend our Competitive Meeting from 6-8 PM at the studio.
  • September 09 2019Free Trial Classes (Recreational Only)September 9th-14th- Free Trial Classes in all recreational classes. Come out and try your first dance class, or try a new style. Contact the office for more info.