Acrobatics is a combination of dance and gymnastics.


It focuses on improving strength, flexibility, agility and physical control in a safe and fun environment. Our acrobatic instructors are trained and certified in the proper teaching and spotting of acro technique. Students will experience the joy of accomplishing hard earned personal goals with the techniques learned in class.

Tumbling is an advanced level class for competitive students only who have trained at least 2 years in acrobatics. Tumbling is a gymnastic based art form and therefore is a separate class from acrobatics. It will entail elements of power, strength, balance and defiance of gravity. Students will be using mats, crash mats and trampoline to further their skills in a safe environment.

  • Twinkle Tumble- 3-5 yrs old
  • Showstar Acro- 6-9 yrs old
  • Teen Acro- 10+


Twinkle Tumble

  • Pink bodysuit with black shorts
  • Suntap stir-up tights or bare legs
  • Bare feet

Showstar Acro 6-9 yrs

  • Black body suit with tights
  • Suntan and stir-up tights or bare legs
  • Bare feet

Teen Acro 10 +

  • Black tank top or crop top with shorts or leggings
  • Bare feet



upcoming events

  • September 03 2019First Day of Class
  • September 06 2019Competitive Team MeetingTo kick-off our 2019 Competitive Season, all Competitive parents and students must attend our Competitive Meeting from 6-8 PM at the studio.
  • September 09 2019Free Trial Classes (Recreational Only)September 9th-14th- Free Trial Classes in all recreational classes. Come out and try your first dance class, or try a new style. Contact the office for more info.