Lyrical is a cross between ballet and jazz set to music with lyrics and has soft, expansive and sustained movements that tell a story.

Lyrical dancers

It is a style of dance which encourages dancers to become very expressive through movement.

Contemporary is a relatively new style of dance with its roots based in modern dance. The class teaches students contemporary techniques as well as gives them a chance to explore their own style of dance while enhancing their creativity and self-expression. This new and exciting approach to dance is similar to the contemporary pieces featured in So You Think You Can Dance.

  • Showstar- 7-9 yrs old
  • Teen Lyrical- 10+


Showstar Lyrical (7-9)

  • Black bodysuit with shorts
  • Nude colour FootUndeez

Teen Lyrical 10 +

  • Black tank top or crop top with shorts or leggings
  • Nude colour FootUndeez

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